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We are the Soul Mates of the game Dream of Mirror Online. We are a social and PVE oriented guild open to all new members!
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 Bomb-ass~ Solo/ Duo Guide from lvl 10-70

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PostSubject: Bomb-ass~ Solo/ Duo Guide from lvl 10-70   Wed Apr 06, 2016 12:40 pm

To be re-edited...brought to you by Geologist and Rhia~

Alright, just before i leave i want to try to give you guys some information about how i train, it might do you some good but it's secondhand knowledge past level40 so it might get strange, and this is all rushed and sleep deprived anyway.

~Makun and I figured out most of this on our own, and Bill*Lee reinforced and corrected anything we thought, and brought a lot of new ideas to us, however i'll only be posting what me and Makun have done to protect Bill's super secret plans. :-X

There are certainly more ways to duo big monsters than the way I'm about to post

If Makun and Bill approve, Makun can post more information  Razz

100% badges help a ton, but you have to play often to make the most of them. Meru eggs help a ton and they're quite cheap right now Smile


Starting from level 10 Duoing, one person should Pet Muse and the other should use Debuff dancer, and have a level 15 max ruby>rock>sapphire pet each. Both unlock Doctor and sub Medical treatment.
If you use this guide, you should use a 2 wis 1 agi build for wis, shaman, wd, doctor, muse, and dancer.

If you're soloing, this isnt a solo guide, but Different dances' debuffs are more important if you have a meru and pet or dont have a pet. If you have a pet but no meru, you should still level different dances' first so you can debuff for your pet, then level pet muse so you can increase your pets attack/accuracy. You should probably sub medical treatment in the second slot either way, but if you're too healthy where you're training use both buffs and debuffs i guess, good luck with mp though Razz

Immediately unlock townhall, inn, and well basements.
Train from 10-18ish on grape globs, if you're confident, move to pupu presidents in inn basement till 20.

If your pets start seeming too weak, train all jobs you'd like (i recommend doctor and WD atleast) to 15 with pet muse/different dances and medical treatment for subs, then level your pets to 20.

From there, move to Bigbeam and kill man-eating marigolds.
If they're too hard, either stay at presidents a little longer or, if you havent already, unlock Shaman and get Nature Magic for heavy frost and spring cleaning, only get heavy to level 1 though, leveling it up seems to increase the gap between duration and cool-down. If you both sub nature and keep a nice distance, you wont get hurt and wont need medical, but I dont recommend this.

When you start feeling too comfortable, head to mushroom fiends, maybe around level 26 i guess :d

Again, if your pets start seeming too weak, train all jobs you'd like Doctor and Wd for sure,  to 20 with pet muse/different dances and medical treatment for subs, then level your pets to 25.

Around 30 try florences, if they're too hard or dangerous, mushroom fiends should still be good exp. Dont fight the ones north of bigbeam city because they're surrounded with bow-wows that are a pain to control

Florences should last you till like 35 atleast, from here go to Fugitives in Grotto.

Me and Makun havent gotten past this point, and i haven't asked Bill for permisson to post his ideas, so i'll just leave it to broad strokes like this :d
10-15 grape globs
15-20 pupu presidents
20-25 marigolds
25-30 mushroom
30-36 Florences
36-40 Fugitives

Job Skills
5 mantra for unlocking transfuse
max power ballad
max pet training song
5 HP and MP songs
Pet snacks or Sonic Swipe should help with damage, but arent required.

5 First aid
max Frog forcefield
max mdefence buff, i forget if its yin or yang
5 Frog soup
Max Regeneration
atleast 6 inner magic
Equip syringe would be nice :]

Max Enchanting chacha
Max soothing shimmy
Max Hypnotic hoedown
Max Trance Dance
equip fan

This is all info i thought was important at 1:35am for some reason and they make sense, so enjoy my wild informative ramblings! ;D

For fun, im throwing these in here because casting is pretty great. You should probably sub scrollcasting/different dances on shaman if soloing.
Seasonal on wizard if you're soloing these fat monsters, nature magic will help you more than first aid for your second if you dont have inner. May change with situation.

Max scorching scroll
Max Lightning
Max Acid rain
Do not level Explosive runes, warning warble, chant of impure thoughts, and Stalling chant. If you want something to keep you safe, do not get Stalling chant or charm of thorns, get Toppling tremor.
Speeding ticket is probably great.
Cataclysmic converter can be okay if you have available hp or dont have inner magic.
Just use between Spring cleanings, they dont stack, so dont waste your hp

max snow
max wood
max water
max spring cleaning
level 1 heavy frost
equip wand
If you want aoes, i've never used shaman aoe, but they're quite expensive, so i suggest using fencer for farming/plvling

lv 5 all elemental single target
lv1 all elemental aoe
equip sword
based on danger, sub transfuse, cataclysmic, spring, theif mp/hp, or inner.
Fencer aoe build is 2 wis 1 dex, 1v1 is 2 pow 1 dex, both use above skills. i use 1 wis 1 dex 1 pow. you can mix and match as you see fit, just remember pow for patk, wis for matk and a little patk, dex for accuracy and less attack than wis :p

On a random note, most people think WD are strictly casters or confused of anything they can do, so ill straighten that out a bit. They aren't bad at fighting as an assassinly class. They  can equip clothing, robes, dagger, and wand. They actually have better mastery in daggers than they do wands xD
Sub theif's close combat, just dont forget WDs get pretty outstanding patk from wisdom so dont bother with pow.

/end random wall of text

Hope this helps someone and their partner.. looking back i got really carried away with builds for no reason, but i think they could be useful to someone, so ill just leave those there xD

Bye till later, Geologist  :-*

Rhia's tidbits of lvling info:

Adds the rest till you cap at 70....

41-45: Minotaurs in the back of TGT
46-50: Jumboas in DDEN (they hurt... bring a nurse/support)
50-60: Flying Noisy Snakes in DDEN (bring magic defense ^^ with a decent magic defense they don't hurt too too bad Very Happy)
60-70: Grizzly Bears in Babel (they ignore defense... make sure you have /a lot/ of hp and someone/nurse sara to heal you like mad~)

From there on out you pet level/get EXP cards in the towers in placid plain or AoM.
If they were to raise cap -heh-...
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Bomb-ass~ Solo/ Duo Guide from lvl 10-70
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