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We are the Soul Mates of the game Dream of Mirror Online. We are a social and PVE oriented guild open to all new members!
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 Peesus aka (Ihllu, Lulu, Risa, Rias etc)

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PostSubject: Peesus aka (Ihllu, Lulu, Risa, Rias etc)   Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:51 pm

Real Name: Charlene.

Age: 21

Location: Toronto, Canada

Date of Birth: November 4, 1994

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 5 ft 3/4th inch ;3;

Piercings: Both ears /o/

Tattoo's: None.

Loves: Anime, Video Games, Friends, Cosplaying, PANDA'S, Cats Very Happy IMA CAT LOVER. (why does saying this remind me of this video: )

A little more about me that fits nowhere: I'm generally there for anyone to speak to that is if I'm not doing something at the time~!  I'm super into crafting and other jazz xD (really bad at introductions...)

About my Domo Life

Name: Sweetpee

Race: Sprite

Hair Colour: Whatever the hotpink dye is in the game x3

height: 97cm

Jobs: Lvl 46 Fencer, Lvl 46 Blademaster, Lvl 63 Doctor, Lvl 60 Muse, Lvl 11 Martial Artist, Lvl 50 Mercenary, Lvl 50 Dancer, Lvl 34 Witch Doctor, Lvl 29 Thief, Lvl 37 Shaman, Lvl 31 Wizard, Lvl 26 Merchant, Lvl 18 Commoner

Costumes: Gothic Cross Costume, Panda Set, Generic School Girl, Fantasy Wedding costume.

Headgear: Teddy Bear on your Head, Panda Head, Red Santa Hat. (Feels like I'm forgetting something...^_^;Wink

Back Items: Red Leisure Wings.

Face Items: None atm.

Pets and Pet Names: lvl 41 Ori Ruby "Rhage"
lvl 51 SE1 Sapph "FishinShips"
lvl ? Ori Ruby "Miceatto"
lvl 25 SE1 Lily "Ayane"
lvl 21 SE4 Metal "LOVE-ME"
lvl 20? SE2? Rock "Peesus-Carrier"
lvl 12 Ori Jade "Plain-Joe" or "Joe-Dirt" orrr "Spookys-Fanboi"
lvl 1 Ori Metal "Tanks"
lvl 11 Ori Sapph "Melody?"

I feel like I'm missing a lot on here x3 so if there's anything else I missed out that you people want to know just ask.
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Peesus aka (Ihllu, Lulu, Risa, Rias etc)
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